GRASS Programmer's Manual  6.5.svn(2014)-r66266
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GRASS Display Library

Display Library

Author: CERL
Major rewrite: Glynn Clements

This library provides a wide assortment of higher level graphics commands which in turn use the graphics raster library primitives. It is highly recommended that this section be used to understand how some of the GRASS graphics commands operate. Such modules like d.vect, d.graph, and d.rast demonstrate how these routines work together. The routines fall into four basic sets: 1) frame creation and management, 2) coordinate conversion routines, 3) specialized efficient raster display routines, and 4) assorted miscellaneous routines like pop-up menus and line clipping.

Note. All routines and global variables in this library, documented or undocumented, start with the prex D_. To avoid name conflicts, programmers should not create variables or routines in their own modules which use this prefix.

TODO: insert ordered function list (see GRASS 5 progman)