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GRASS wxPython-based GUI

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is written in the Python programming language using wxPython library - a blending of the wxWidgets library for Python.

The wxPython GUI (so called wxGUI) is composed of two main components:

  • Layer Manager and
  • Map Display Window.

The Layer Manager allows users to run different GRASS modules from a menu, includes map layer management, integrated command-line prompt, and command output window. The Map Display Window integrates basic tools for zooming, panning, data querying, decorations (north arrows, barscale, etc.). Additional tools like vector digitizer or georectification tool are also available.

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The plan for a native GUI for GRASS found its origin in the project GFOSS-TN, a collaboration between FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) and the Information System Service of the Trento municipality (Italy). The wxGUI is successor of Tcl/Tk GUI available in GRASS 5 and GRASS 6.

List of Modules and Classes

Core modules

GUI core modules

Layer Manager

Map Display Window

Welcome screen

Database Manager


Graphical Modeler

Vector digitizer

3D view mode (wxNviz)

Cartograpic Composer

Location Wizard

Plotting modules

Other GUI modules

Further Development

Ongoing development focuses on stability, portability and on the integration of OpenGL (see 3D view mode (wxNviz)).

A Map Composer, a tool for hardcopy map outputs is also planned to be developed. Currently, the tools for creating hardcopy maps (map layout) are limited in GRASS because its focus on modeling and spatial analysis. GRASS gives the user ability to add only a very simple and standardized legend, north arrow and scale to display to the graphics monitor and then export the display to an external image file such as a png. These map features are very basic and cannot be customized. The goal is to allow users to prepare simple cartographic outputs comparable e.g. with other, proprietary GIS map layout functionality.

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  • M. Landa, C. Moretto, M. Neteler, M. Zanolli, L. Manganelli, 2008: wxPython GUI per GRASS GIS. Proc. IX Meeting degli Utenti Italiani di GRASS - GFOSS - 21-22 Feb 2008, Perugia, Italy (PDF)