GRASS 4.3 SGI Irix Compile Notes

Special thanks to Andreas Lange ( these tips!

You will need some knowledge of c-programming, make, unix-shell to compile grass on a non-linux platform. See the following text for some hints for IRIX.

Operating System: IRIX 6.2, freeware installed, maybe some patches missing

Compiler: gcc 2.8.1, second run with egcs 2.91.66

Configuration: see README-files etc.

first fix the header and library paths and the compiler flags for n32-ABI: see file ./src/CMD/head/sgi-gcc and sgi-egcs. i built this file from the sgi-header and the linux-header in this directory. Compiler flages: gcc/egcs -g -w -O3/-O2 -mabi=n32 -mips3

now unpack sources:
cp /tmp/grass4.3src.tar.gz /usr/local
cd /usr/local
tar xzf grass4.3src.tar.gz
cd /usr/local/grass4.3<

now edit gmake4.3 to reflect directories:
cp gmake4.3 /usr/local/bin/gmake4.3

now edit and
cd src/CMD
cp GISGEN.sgi-egcs
cp MAKELINKS.sgi-egcs

edit both files to reflect correct paths

edit header file or copy sgi-gcc, sgi-egcs:
cd src/CMD/header
cp sgi sgi-egcs
see file sgi-egcs

edit lists/GRASS, see following text which modules failed

cd src/CMD
after that finished:


problems with -Wl,-s option to linker, ld32 segfaults with -s, could not strip the executables, this is maybe due to my quirky installation. Solution: not using -s option, maybe strip'ing the executables later with 'find . -type f | xargs -l5 strip' (this will cause many, many error warnings, but hopefully not destroy any binaries).

compiling XDRIVER:
unresolved symbol yytext
problem with lex and yacc, which libraries to load? libl.a, libfl.a?
using lex or gnu flex?
using yacc or bison -y?

solution: skipped the compile of all XDRIVERs.
copied the XDRIVER from grass 4.2.1 v20. hope this works.

Makefile with CC=cc and RANLIB=ranlib stopped compiling.
After changing compilation succeded.

nntool.x:188: conflicting types for random
math.h: previous declaration of random
make error.
commented r.nntool in src/CMD/lists/GRASS.

cc1: Invalid option -Wl
make Error 1
changed Gmakefile by hand, deleted $(LDFLAGS)

src/raster/r.tiff/cmd tiffio.h: No such file or directory
changed src/raster/r.tiff/cmd/Gmakefile:
LIBTIFF = $(PATH_LIBTIFF) -L/usr/freeware/lib32 -ltiff ...
where is $PATH_LIBTIFF defined?
changed src/CMD/header/sgi-gcc:
XINCPATH = -I/usr/include/X11 -I/usr/freeware/include

src/raster/r.water.fea/src ...
ld32: Segmentation fault ....
commented r.water.fea in GRASS.

ld32: ERROR 33: Unresolved text symbol "mallopt"
ld32: ERROR 33: Unresolved text symbol "mallinfo"
commented s.geom in GRASS.

m.eigensystem calls f77, should be g77!
error in header file.
FC = g77

grass4.3 compiled at last.
the XDRIVER from grass 4.2.1 v20 seems to work on grass4.3.

compiling grass 4.3, new source code (March 2000)

moved previous installation from grass4.3 to grass4.3-old;
unpacked source code in /disk2/grass4.3;
copied my header file to src/CMD/head/sgi-gcc;
moved grass4.3src to grass4.3;
copied script to src/CMD;
copied script to grass4.3;
edited grass4.3/gmake4.3 to reflect paths and header sgi-gcc,
added HASMotif=yes;

invoked src/CMD/

list of modules that did not compile at first or needed editing:

src/display/devices/XDRIVER_24 -- Unresolved text symbol "yylex" -- 1st referended by /usr/lib32/libl.a(main.o).

skipped the XDRIVER_24 first.

I had a second closer look on the error message. I deleted the -ll flag to all XLIBs in the header file and it worked. Yipeee.

src/display/devices/HTMLMAP -- Unresolved text symbol "atan", "fmod" added missing $(MATHLIB) in Gmakefile

src/vector/v.out.shape/shapelib-1.2.7 -- make cc -O -c shpopen.c No such feature exists
added CC = egcs to first line of Makefile in src/vector/v.out.shape/shapelib-1.2.7

src/vector/v.out.shape/gen2shp-0.2.2 -- make cc -O -c utils.c No such feature ...
added CC = egcs to the top of makefile in src/vector/v.out.shape/gen2shp-0.2.2

src/raster/r.hdf/HDF_lib .. make libnofortran fork() failed: too many processes as i do not use etc i skipped this module. Should copy MAKE.$(arch) to "Makefile" to compile the HDF-lib.
Edited HDF_lib/src/Makefile ... But had no luck ...

src/raster/r.nntool -- nntool.c:188: conflicting types for `random´
changed random() to _random() in configure.c and read.c; compiles and links, but i didn't test if it works.

src/raster/r.out.ppm -- cc1: Invalid option `-Wl´
removed $(LDFLAGS) from Gmakefile. I am not shure what the problem is here.

src/raster/r.water.fea/src -- ld32: Segementation fault. Removing output file...
inter/Gmakefile contains own LDFLAGS = -s -O which is conflicting with main LDFLAGS. commented this line. But the Segmentation fault occured again. Skipping.

src/raster/fire/src/r.spread -- make: file `OBJ.sgi/make.rules´ line 170: Syntax error the Gmakefile contains an error in line 17 and 18!. After changing the module compiled.

src/sites/s.geom -- Unresolved text symbol "mallopt", "mallinfo"


src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.rvi -- make.rules line 153: Syntax error
removed line from Gmakefile.

src.nonGPL/raster/r.tiff/cmd -- Expecting n32 objects: /usr/freeware/lib/ is o32
changed PATH_LIBTIFF = -L/usr/freeware/lib32

do not forget to run CMD/ after compiling!
(happend to me).

(I made now a softlink from /usr/freeware/bin/egcs to /usr/bin/cc to prevent problems with the makefiles, but this is no general solution as some machines have installed more than one compiler, eg. GNU egcs and MIPS Pro Compiler)

tcltkgrass produces a Segmentation fault in wish8.0 and dumps core if the configuration is saved to ~/.tcltkgrass. This problem vanished after i made a softlink from wish8.0-o32 to wish8.0 and moved wish8.0 to wish8.0-n32.

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