GRASS 5.3.0/ Mandrake Linux RPMs

Mandrake Linux is a large distribution, and MandrakeSoft cannot officially support all packages that may be useful, thus the "contributed" rpms, which are synchronised with each main release, many of which are maintained by non-Mandrakesoft contributors. GRASS is such a package, and also relies on a number of such packages.

Possible ways to get GRASS 5.3.0 for Mandrake Linux: You can install GRASS 5.3.0 via 'urpmi' from the Mandrake contrib site.

The GRASS 5.3.0 Mandrake 10 RPM package is available at (fast mirror site):

You should also download following RPMs: gdal, gdal-python, libgdal, proj, libproj
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