Fri Mar  5 17:03:53 CET 2004

[ not an official release ]

This was built under MacOS 10.3.2 on a G4, with some required libraries provided by fink,
including TclTk 8.4.

configured and built as in release_rules except:

added --enable-shared --with-nls=no --with-freetype 

(and various paths given so build system would find libraries)

This version most likely requires that you have fink installed on your computer,
with at least tcltk and ncurses installed.  It is probably OK if you have these
things installed in a different way, as well.  The curses library Apple ships
is apparently a different version than that used to compile this GRASS
distribution, so GRASS won't start if all you have is the Apple version.

You will also need X11, either Apple's or XFree86.  The Tcl/Tk you install
should be the unix version (e.g. the kind in fink), not the native Aqua build.

Built by Scott Mitchell (smitch AT