How to install the GRASS 5.3.0 MS-Windows binary code

This version requires the installation of cygwin.


These are experimental Cygwin binaries compiled using the new shared library support in GRASS 5.3.0 to create shared Windows DLLs. They also include shared DLL versions of the GDAL 1.2.0 and PROJ.4.4.8 libraries. This results in a (relatively) small binary package size, around 13-14MB.

Run 'sh' to see the install options.

To use tcltkgrass, you must un-install the Cygwin Tcl/Tk and install the X-Windows Tcl/Tk Cygwin binaries that are available on the GRASS website (file xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN.tar.gz in this directory). You should also run X-Windows in full screen mode using its own window manager. Tcltkgrass and NVIZ will not operate correctly using the Windows window manager.

All of the binaries except NVIZ were compiled on a MS-Windows 2000 machine with compiler flags set to optimise for a Pentium processor. The NVIZ binary is a slightly older version that was compiled successfully by Glynn Clements on Windows 98 and was formerly available on the GRASS website.

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