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General information

There are now 3 GRASS branches: 5.0 is the stable branch, from which the various 5.0.x releases are derived. Future releases from this branch should contain only bug-fixes or minor, backward-compatible improvements. 5.0.3 was released 6 November 2003. See See related web pages.
5.3 is the development version of 5.0. It will include anything which is added to the 5.0 branch (although such changes will typically go into 5.3 initially, then get go into the 5.4 branch later), plus some other changes which are too intrusive to go into the 5.0.x releases (e.g. because they break backwards compatibility, or introduce additional dependencies).
5.7 is the experimental version which was previously referred to as "5.1". See related web pages.

For features details, please refer to the Roadmap.

Status of version:

GRASS 5.3.0: released 15 May 2004.

What's new in current release of GRASS 5.3.x?

See Press release, NEWS list, and for details, please read the detailed changes HISTORY.

How stable is GRASS 5.3.x?

GRASS 5.3.x has been tested on Linux, MacOSX, WindowsNT/2000/XP and Silicon Graphics Irix systems. Many people use it for daily production. HOWEVER, there are likely still some bugs to be worked out.

Large File Support

From 5.3.1 onwards GRASS supports reading and writing large files (> 2GB) if it is possible in your operating system. If you compile with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64, you should be able to have raster maps which are larger than 2Gb.

GRASS 5.3 documents

Bug reports

Clustered GRASS GIS

GIS related work is regularly CPU-intensive - as CPU power becomes cheaper nowadays, GRASS might be run in clustered environments. There are several options to parallelize GRASS:


GRASS Credits page (incomplete) - List of GRASS Development Team members


Ok, ok. How can I get current GRASS 5.3.x?

Go to the download page and start downloading!

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