class MeshLevelSet(*args)

GetFEM MeshLevelSet object

General constructor for mesh_levelset objects. The role of this object is to provide a mesh cut by a certain number of level_set. This object is used to build conformal integration method (object mim and enriched finite element methods (Xfem)).

General constructor for MeshLevelSet objects

  • MLS = MeshLevelSet(Mesh m) Build a new MeshLevelSet object from a Mesh and returns its handle.

Do all the work (cut the convexes with the levelsets).

To initialice the MeshLevelSet object or to actualize it when the value of any levelset function is modified, one has to call this method.


Add a link to the LevelSet ls.

Only a reference is kept, no copy is done. In order to indicate that the linked Mesh is cut by a LevelSet one has to call this method, where ls is an LevelSet object. An arbitrary number of LevelSet can be added.


The Mesh of ls and the linked Mesh must be the same.


Output a (unique) string representation of the MeshLevelSetn.

This can be used to perform comparisons between two different MeshLevelSet objects. This function is to be completed.


Return the list of convex #id’s of the linked Mesh on which have a tip of any linked LevelSet’s.


Return a Mesh cut by the linked LevelSet’s.


displays a short summary for a MeshLevelSet object.


Return a list of references to the linked LevelSet’s.


Return a reference to the linked Mesh.


Return the amount of memory (in bytes) used by the MeshLevelSet.


Return the number of linked LevelSet’s.


Remove a link to the LevelSet ls.